Celebrating Passover

What an incredible experience we had today! 

We were privileged to celebrate a Passover Seder with our church family, some guests, and a family of Messianic Jews, who lead the ceremony. 

Definitions according to Laura: 

Passover-celebration commemorating the deliverance of the Jews from Egyptian bondage and protection from the death angel.

Seder-means order.  It’s the dinner and readings and prayers spoken during the Passover Celebration.

Messianic Jews- Jewish people who believe and trust in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, their Lord, and their Savior. 

Please correct me kindly if you must. ~smile~

I had expected a very solemn occasion, but it was actually quite enjoyable.  I was quite enlightened by the parallels in scripture between the old testament and Jesus’ life.  I cannot begin to explain it here.  It’s all too new to me.  I just want to publicly thank God for giving us this privilege to have new insight into his word.

May God richly bless each of you in your journey to know him, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit in a more intimate, life changing way.


Thankful to be at Home

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Passover

  1. Todd and I have long wanted to celebrate the passover, but have never known how to go about it, not having ever attended one ourselves. What a wonderful experience for you!


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