It’s a Rainy Day….


Hello Ladies,

It’s another rainy day.  I’ve found another lovely blog.  I think you may enjoy Miss April’s blog.  It’s called Maple Grove Farm.  She’s been sick with pneumonia; but, I love how she’s found blessings even in being ill.  I’m saying a prayer for her this morning.

I’ve a sprained ankle; so, I’ll be doing a lot of sitting today.  I plan to do a little sewing, too. I’ve got a shopping bag to make for the swap over at Miss Rhonda’s blog, Down-to-Earth.  I’ve only been reading it for a few weeks, but I’ve been enjoying it.  It’s a simple and frugal living type of blog. 

I’ve just topped 4000 visits to my blog.  I thank you all for your kindness.  I do wish you all would say, “Hello” in the comments section.  I absolutely love hearing from my readers. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  Cherish the little pleasures.

God bless!


Happy at Home

5 thoughts on “It’s a Rainy Day….

  1. My favorite blogs: (well, not really a blog)

    These are all Christian people and they deal with different topics, but all are theologically sound and deal with Biblical issues from womanhood to issues in the news.

    The Discerning Reader reviews books that are popular in the Christian world and Josh Harris is the famous homeschooling son of Greg Harris of homeschool “fame”.


  2. Hey, Laura!

    I’m sorry to hear that you sprained your ankle. How is it feeling? I pray that it’s all better by now.

    I greatly enjoy your blog, and find it a very beautiful site to visit. Is there any way to subscribe to daily entries? If so, that would be great! If not, I’ll just continue to check in when I can.

    God bless you, my dear sister! Stay the course, and keep on keepin’ on! Have a BEAUTIFUL week ahead!

    All My Love,


  3. Hi, Laura!

    I posted once, but I don’t think it went through. I said that I hope your ankle is feeling better, and that I think your blog is a lovely site to visit. Is there any way to subscribe to it? God bless you, Sweet Sister!

    All My Love,


  4. Hi Laura, gee, sorry to hear about your ankle, hope your healing soon! We got alot more rain too with more coming in tonight, so the flooding will continue I guess. If only this rain would come in Aug! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and stay off that foot! lol


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