Something to Think About… Scrapbooking

I think scrapbooking is great.  I think it’s a terrific way to preserve memories and write your family’s story book.  Notice, I said write.  Without journaling, or writing about what was going on, or your thoughts, or at least the who what where when why and how, they’re just pictures in a book.  Now don’t get me wrong, the pictures are wonderful reminders of the good times you’ve had.  They are wonderful snapshots of your life.  I just don’t think they’re enough.  I think that’s why we started scrapbooking to begin with, at least it was one of the reasons I started.

In addition to the things above, I love to add scriptures from the Bible to my pages whenever I can find something that fits.  I think it reminds us and those who will read it in our future of our dedication to God’s Word.  Who knows?  Perhaps a child or grandchild will see the scriptures and be drawn to the Word and the Lord by reading what we’ve written. 

I encourage you to write scriptures, captions, and  notes to your family in your own handwriting.  No, you may not think your writing is pretty;  but, let me tell you.  My mother died several years ago, and anything that has her handwriting on it is absolutely precious to me.  I don’t have much.  I want to make sure that my children have written reminders of my love for their father, our family, our Lord, and for each of them.

Just Something to Think About….

5 thoughts on “Something to Think About… Scrapbooking

  1. Hi Laura!

    I’m glad you stop by my blog! Thanks for the advice on the colors. I lightened the blue and I think it’s easier to read now.



  2. I loved doing scrap booking as well. When my ex husband put me out of our home I was not allowed to take anything, not even a photograph, so the few photographs that I have of my five children are very precious to me. I wanted to make them even more special and so I have scrapbooked them. I join with you in highly recommending doing so and love the idea of adding scriptures to them!


  3. I I visited during the UBP – I have come back to subscribe to your RSS but it doesnt seem to be working….

    could you check it out and let me know
    thanks heaps



  4. I agree with you – I love to see the handwriting of my ancestors – right now we are having several old letters translated from German and Italian and even though I don’t understand the words it is neat to look at the handwriting and know that my great-grandmother wrote some of those letters!


  5. Great minds think alike, I love to add my own words to pages, I’m a scapper too! I lost my Mom a couple of years ago and like you, don’t have much of her handwriting so I plan to leave my kids tons!!


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