Daffodils…a Sure Sign of Spring

I just saw my first daffodils of the season.  How exciting!  Spring is on the way.  How are your Easter plans coming?  I’ll be sharing mine soon.  The most important thing is to keep our focus on Jesus Christ.

God bless!

Laura of Harvest Lane

Happy at Home

4 thoughts on “Daffodils…a Sure Sign of Spring

  1. hi again,
    our family celebrates ‘the last supper’ by kind of doing the passover meal that Jesus would have shared with His disciples that evening. we focus on how He is fulfillment of all of those prophecies! so, i’m getting prepared for that (should be posting about it soon!). I do need some pretty Easter flowers though….


  2. When you are making your plans, don’t forget to bake the Easter cookies that stay in the oven overnight. They are a great way to help childrean and adults focus on the reason for the season!


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