Cherish Yesterday-Dream Tomorrow-Live Today

Cherish Yesterday Art Print by Karen Tribett 


I guess I’m feeling a little introspective today.  I ran across this little saying, “Cherish Yesterday-Dream Tomorrow-Live Today” on a little wooden sign in a country primitive catalog.  The above sign is different, but it’s available from www. .  Don’t you just love country primitive decorating?  You can use all the worn out less than perfect things you find; and,  it looks great!  Ah, but that’s another post altogether….

My mother died at 51, too young to my way of thinking, of cancer.  It began as breast cancer, went into remission for several years, then reappeared with a vengeance.  They’re sad memories that I’d rather not think about often. 

Anyhow, my momma was only 17 years older than me.  She was a child bride, and I came along just before their first anniversary.  I’m now 42.  I had a mammogram last year and the results were fine.  I need to schedule another one as soon as I can find a way to pay for it.  We have a lot of differences in our lifestyles, but heredity is a factor.  But-God is a bigger factor!

I have a lot of yesterdays to cherish.  I don’t know how many tomorrows I have left to dream.  I do have today, this moment to live and live well. 

 Like you, I have good memories and bad.  Probably also like you, I tend to look at the past through rosy glasses, remembering just the things I want, such as the house I wish we’d never left.  It’s great to remember.  I have my scrapbooks; and, I’m working on books for the kids, too.  Still, it’s just the past, just a memory….

Dreaming and planning and wishing and praying for tomorrow is great, too.  Realistically, though, no one knows if she has even one tomorrow.  I’ve had a terrible tendency to put off fun and enjoyable things with my family to do the stuff that’s pressing.  What if I never get to do those fun and enjoyable things?  What if I never make those memories with my children and for my children?

Today…it’s all I have.  It’s all you have.  I have to choose those things today that are best…things that will have a positive impact on my family and those around me.  Though my circumstances are rather hard right now, I am right this moment choosing to follow some of the best advice my LORD JESUS ever gave me in Matthew 6:24.   

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Now realistically, I’m going to have to keep making that choice over and over.  Somebody remind me of that when I am feeling whiney!
This day…this moment…how will you spend it?  How will I spend it?  I think I’m going to go hug my kids, tell them I love them, and grab a game off the shelf. 
What about you?
Just something to think about….
Happy at Home

4 thoughts on “Cherish Yesterday-Dream Tomorrow-Live Today

  1. My mom had breast cancer when she was about my age. Thankfully she is a survivor, but I am ever mindful that I need to be careful myself and extra vigilant. Love the music on your page. It’s one of my favourite songs.


  2. such a moving post.i lost my dad 2 years back,he was suffering from lung disease.he was everything to me.he was very kind and now that he is not around am strugiling very much,i missed him terribly


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