Never Get So Busy Making a Living that You Forget to Make a Life.

This quote came to mind as my husband and I were making a decision about his career a couple of nights ago.  He had been offered what seemed to be a very good position with a local company.  There was excellent growth potential.  There were a couple of catches though. 

1.  It was an advertising sales position.  It was straight commission.  For those of you blessed not to know what that means, it means that if you don’t sell, you don’t get paid.  When you’re providing the only income, and there is no base salary, no draw on commissions, and no benefits, and you have a wife and four children, that’s risky.

2.  It was a 45+ hour a week job, building someone else’s business, instead of building his own, and instead of building his family.

Funny, reading this, it’s not such a hard decision; but, it was then.

“Never Get So Busy Making a Living that You Forget to Make a Life.”

He chose to build his business, keep looking for another paying opportunity, and make a life.

This was all decided with much prayer, worship of God the Father, and prayerful advice from a dear friend.

Praise God in Heaven, for it is He who supplies all our needs.

Blessings to you all!!


Happy at Home

3 thoughts on “Never Get So Busy Making a Living that You Forget to Make a Life.

  1. Love this Quote Laura. I have learned through the years that there is nothing on this earth that is worth trading in your life on. Sounds like your husband made the wisest decision. Family is something that can’t be bought, and it is priceless. You are right. If we trust in Him, God will supply all of our needs and so much more.


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