We are So Blessed!

Do you think about that often?  We are so blessed?  We are, you know.  We all are.   Most of us have warm homes; most of us have adequate clothing; most of us eat two or three times a day or more; most of us have at least one or two friends we can call or hang out with; most of us have families that love us; most of us feel safe in our homes; most of us have enough money to buy a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread.

For those of us that have given our lives to Jesus Christ, God will provide all our needs according to His riches in glory.  We need to trust Him to provide for those needs. 

Several years ago, my cupboards and my pocketbook were nearly bare, for a long long time.  A dear Christian lady suggested I sing prayers to God over my cupboards.  I thought that was strange; but, I decided to try it.  As I sang, food magically appeared in my cupboard….no just kidding! ~smile~ What happened is that the anxiety I was feeling over feeding my family lifted.  God did supply our need.  He always has.  The difference was in me. 

So often, I find that whatever the trial I’m facing, the real battle is within me.  Will I trust God?  Will I wallow in my fears?  I’ve done both many times.  After years of trials, I’m finding that I’m quicker now to trust God.  Once you’ve seen for yourself what God can do, it builds that trust. 

Well, I’m rambling a bit. 

Think today about the blessings you have today as you smile at a child, your husband or wife, as you gaze at the beauty around you, or as you simply drink tea or coffee out of a favorite mug.  All these things were given to us for our enjoyment. 

The word says that all good gifts come from God.  Enjoy my friend! 

We are So Blessed! 


Happy at Home

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