I’m It!

I’ve been tagged by Sue at Country Pleasures!  This is my first time to play.  I’m glad it’s an easy one!  Here we go….


4 Movies I’d watch over and over: 

The Sound of Music, The Preacher’s Wife,

The Bishop’s Wife, Disney’s Jungle Book animated version
4 Places I’ve lived: 

Oklahoma, Michigan, Kansas, and Missouri
4 Shows I watch:

Extreme Makeover Home Edition,  I don’t really watch much t.v.
4 Places I have been: Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa
4 People who email me: Sherry, Laura, Deb, Ellen

4 Favorite things to eat:

Homemade chocolate meringue pie, 

my husband’s waffles,

 salad with everything and Dorothy Lynch dressing (Don’t forget the pecans),

a really good filet mignon w/baked potato. 
4 Places I would rather be: 

In a home of our own in the country with just enough land but not too much,

sitting in front of a wood fire with my husband,

sitting in front of a wood fire with my handwork,

sitting in front of the fire with with hot cocoa and a good book.  Can you tell I miss our fireplace and our wood stove?
4 Things that I look forward to this year:

My first article being published in the Kingdom Business Journal later this month.  www.kingdombusinessjournal.com

Opening my Etsy shop

Spring flowers


4 people to tag: 

Marie of Marie’s Musings, Crystal of Homestead Happenings, Deb of Homespun Living, and Not Quite June Cleaver.

Enjoy!  By the way, if you’ve got a fireplace, enjoy it!  It’s worth the mess.


Happy at Home

3 thoughts on “I’m It!

  1. Laura, I too love your answers, esp. all the ones about the fireplace! I miss wood heat too, esp. with the price of propane. Our next house will have it forsure! Congrats on being published, how exciting, I can’t wait to read it! Good for you!!! And I agree, the wood mess is so worth it!


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