Something to Think About… Etsy Shop

Hello Blog Friends!

I’m so glad you dropped by today.  I’ve been busy with many things lately.  Today I have to sick children; so, I won’t be spending much time with you. 

Here’s my something to think about for today.  I’m thinking about opening an Etsy shop.  I’ve been making dish clothes, coasters, and some other items.  I’m wondering how well Etsy works.

If you have experience with Etsy, either buying or selling, please comment.  I’m wondering if it is worth my time to do it.

Do you currently sell?

How do you determine a price for your handmade things?

Is it worth your time?

Do you make items as a cottage business, or just sell a little handwork here and there?

Anything you can tell me would be very appreciated.

God bless you all!

Laura of Harvest Lane

Happy at Home

4 thoughts on “Something to Think About… Etsy Shop

  1. Etsy is addictive! It’s fun and I spend too much time on there!
    One thing to know is , that it takes time to get established. Meaning, it may take a month to get a sale, then slowly the get closer together until you are busy! This I wished I knew!

    I sell items that I make – such as my obsession with making pillowcases.

    Pricing. Take into consideration how much time it takes to make, cost of supplies and generally you double the price. My theory is not the only one though! LOL. Have fun with it! If you stick with it, it will work!


  2. Laura, do it!! You won’t be sorry! I have a Etsy shop with my daughter n laws and it keeps us crafting plus Etsy is so easy, they do all the leg work for you and only charge you 20 cents a item to list it. We love it! And if your a farm girl on MaryJanes Farm forums, you can join our Etsy team which is very helpful, in fact, all our orders have been from farmgirls! lol You can also sell other things on there too, like used iteams, baked goods anything really, sorta like Ebay but better! Let me know if I can help in any way, I’ll even make you a banner if you join, check out our shop. Sue


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