Greeting Card Thrift

Hi Friends!

Here’s my little project for the day.  I’m cutting the fronts off my Christmas cards to make postcards for next year.  Here are the U.S.P.S. requirements for postcards.

To qualify for First-Class Mail card rates, a card must be:

• Rectangular
• At least 3-1/2 inches high X 5 inches long X 0.007 inch thick
• No more than 4-1/4 inches high X 6 inches long X 0.016 inch thick

Length is the longest dimension parallel to the address.
Oversized cards will be charged as a letter or large envelope depending on the size.

I’m enjoying this bit of thrift.  Some of the cards will not make good postcards because of glitter or size.  I’ll use these as part of other greeting cards I make or use them in the scrapbook.   This will work for those Valentine cards that are coming your way soon, too. 

Let’s look for ways to save and bless people every day!

Your friend,


Happy at Home

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