A New Year is Soon to be Upon Us….

A  new year is soon to be upon us.  In my olden days I always made my list of resolutions:

1.  Get organized.

2.  Read my Bible through.

3.  Lose weight.

4.  Lose Weight.

5.  LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!

Well, I never seemed to make it throught New Year’s Day let alone January before I started slipping on the weight thing.  Well, here we are again, December 30th.  For most of us, that means resolutions.

I’m in my early forties now.  I realize that for me, resolutions don’t seem to work.  I am hoping to work toward some positive changes.  Guess what?  They’re related to getting organized, reading my Bible and losing weight.  Such is life! 

 I’m beginning my baby steps with Fly Lady again.  www.FlyLady.net.

I’m going to read my Bible daily and not worry about whether I read the whole book this year.

I’m going to work on reducing the processed foods, white flour, and sugar I serve my family.

So, call them resolutions if you want.  I’m not.  If they’re not resolutions, I can’t break them!  ~smile~

Happy New Year!


Happy at Home


2 thoughts on “A New Year is Soon to be Upon Us….

  1. hahaha, I can really empathize with the last three as they figure somewhere on my own list as well. I try to become a better person each year. I like to think I succeed. 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours. May it be filled with great blessings.


  2. Gee, I can relate to losing weight too, it’s so harder after 40! But I keep trying, this year I’m looking at it as getting healthy, maybe that will work? LOL Blessings for the new year and all always, new friend!


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