Something to Think About…Gift Giving

We had a relaxing Christmas, just my mother-in-love and our little family of six.  We take time to open our presents one at a time so that all can enjoy each gift.  It seemed to take a long time this year.  It’s because now all of my children are now old enough to give gifts.  That multiplies presents quickly!  Although most of the things I gave were thrifted treasures, I found myself concerned that too much emphasis was put on gifts simply because of the great number involved.  Now, I do want my children to give gifts; but, I think I will be re-examining my own gift giving for next year.  We do not give our children very many gifts except for their birthdays and Christmas and an occasional I love you day.  I think that causes me to want to give them more on the special occasions.  I think also, since I’m spending so little, I feel like I should give more things.  I now realize that as with many things, less is best.  I intend to make some changes in our home.  I want our life to be focused on Christ and His gift.  I think my children understand that.  It’s just something for you and me to think about….

God bless!


Happy at Home

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